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Cogent Distribution offers a better choice for resellers looking to purchase wireless and mobile connectivity solutions. Unlike traditional distributors, we offer a selection of feature-rich innovative products that are extremely dependable and deliver the highest bandwidth.


Unlike traditional distributors, we work closely with a number of manufacturers to deliver customers the latest in new product development and product innovation, as well as provide consultancy and design services that integrate into existing customer infrastructures.


With our extensive UK stock holding, Cogent can deliver Peplink, Siklu and Mobile Mark product and solutions, along with advanced replacements within 24 hours, creating a streamlined real-time performance option for our resellers and system integration partners.






What Makes Peplink A Number One Vendor For SD-WAN?

Peplink are market leaders with a focus on delivering products and technologies that provide WAN virtualization and the intelligent use of multiple WAN links, combined together to increase reliability and bandwidth. Not to mention the speed and ease of deployment of their high speed cellular routing technologies.

Peplink have developed a powerful combination of products and technologies that can help you build SD-WAN networks with unbreakable connection resilience, unmatched deployment flexibility, and intuitive ease of use and cost reduction.

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 Siklu, The Leader in Millimeter Wave Wireless Solutions

Siklu is a market leader in delivering high capacity, high reliability, sophisticated outdoors wireless links which use both 60 and 80GHz frequency and so avoid the congested 5.x GHz bands. So, if your requirement is for high capacity links between buildings with a high degree of reliability and sophistication but for a realistic price then Siklu has the product solution for you.

The EtherHaul™-5500FD, for example, combines several technological advancements to provide up to 5000Mbps of robust throughput over long distances, in any environment.

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Mobile Mark – Antenna Solutions

Mobile Mark manufactures a variety of GPS antenna designs that can also be combined with other wireless capabilities such as WiFi and Cellular LTE. The LTM and SMW series put Mobile Mark on the map as a manufacturer of combination antennas with MIMO connections for WiFi, LTE, and other frequencies in addition to GPS. Now, the LLP series sets a new standard for low profile combination antennas.

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